“And the Lord said unto Moses, Speak unto the children of Israel, and make them tzitzit on the wings of their garments for generations: and they shall give on the tzitzit of the wing a blue thread.
On this page you can see the different types of tzitzit ties and purchase talit threads”.
When wearing a garment with four square edges, each of the four ends must be tied with special threads called tzitzit.It is desirable that one of these threads be light blue,in our time it is also customary for the tzitzit to be completely white.
These tzitzit will remind us of the commandment of God and will provoke us not to depart from the straight path.
In principle, it is possible to observe the commandment of tzitzit in two ways:
A) By wearing a small tallit (also known as a tzitzit briefly), garment them wear on the body throughout the day.
B) by wearing a large talit,a special garment for prayer times.
* It is important to purchase the tzitzit from authorized places because there are various laws involved in the production of the tzitzis that make sure it is kosher.