Set «770» King David


Kits for wearing talith and tefillin – the most important attributes in Judaism and obligatory for performing the ritual Amida – are not just a container of the most important for a grown man male Jew items, but also a fashionable and stylish accessory that can originally supplement any wardrobe. A set of 770 handbags from King David is an example of a unique and harmonious combination of national tradition and modern fashion world. Both bags of the kit are made of durable Italian leather, the thoughtful dimensions make their wearing comfortable, and the presence of a leather strap helps in this. The internal suede finish of the bags does not allow the elements to get damaged and gives the accessory a more pleasant look. Variety is also present in the color design, so it is possible to choose the most suitable for any wardrobe option. An original ornament is a spectacular ornament, engraved with laser engraving. Set “770” from the collection of King David emphasizes luxury and elegance, gives a special charm to the look.

Additional information

Big bag

leather, suede, silver



Small bag

leather, suide, silver


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